-Design and manufacturing

This group of products is manufactured in mass production line within Chakooch group. These products are delivered from two weeks to two months since date of concluding the contract. Changing the color of these products will be practical without spending any additional cost.   Dimensions, size, materials, and fittings of these products will not be possible and in the case of any agreement over change in whatsoever, they shall be subjected to consuming the additional required financial cost and the needed period of time. 

-Products (Group L)

These products are manufactured with customization and based on customer’s order and with limited quantity and they are characterized with letter (L) at the end of product code in Chakooch website. The employer will be entitled to give comment about manufacturing this group of products and design team shall be necessarily accompanied with the given employer during this process. Similarly, Chakooch has taken some measures for the persons, who have no direct access to this group. .